What Is Content Marketing?

Content marketing is a strategic marketing approach focused on creating and distributing valuable, relevant and consistent content to attract and retain a clearly-defined audience — and, ultimately to drive profitable customer action.

-Content Marketing Institute

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Cahaba Media Group is a niche publisher serving B2B and Industrial audiences. We build strong, loyal relationships with our readers as well as our customers. We get deeply involved in the industries we serve and make it our business to stay connected. We connect brands to target markets and people to brands. As publishers of leading magazines in their respective industries, our connections and knowledge base run deep. Cahaba Content Marketing is a natural expansion of services offered to customers we already know as well as an opportunity to serve new areas of interest.

Why Us

Effective content marketing is more than telling stories. It’s telling the right stories. The kind that connect. We transform your prospects into customers, and your customers into advocates.

Our team delivers the power of content with the weight of insight. We understand your customers, because we talk to them – and hear from them  – every day. It’s how we understand their needs, and where you can meet them.

Our team of professional writers, editors and curators thrive on story telling. We’ll harness YOUR story. We’ll tell it in a way that engages YOUR audience. We’ll get the details right and make sure it’s relevant.

Our team of talented and professional creatives think outside the box to make sure what’s in the box measures up. Creativity is more than fancy graphics. It supports the story, compels attention and drives engagement. We do just that.

Successful marketing efforts are based on data. Data that digs deep and turns over rocks that have never been moved before. It’s more than asking the right questions… it’s uncovering the intent, the drive and the motives behind what your audience thinks and does.

Industry Expertise

Cahaba Media Group produces the leading magazine for pump users worldwide since 1993. As the recognized voice of the international pump and rotating equipment industry, Pumps & Systems delivers relevant industry news and powerful technical information to managers, engineers, operators and other maintenance professionals. 

Pumps & Systems editors work with leaders in the field to produce exclusive, educational and relevant content and are well-respected and well-recognized in the industry for more than 23 years. Monthly coverage on industry news, technology improvements and product releases in pumps and allied products gives our experts unparalleled insight into topics that are important to your customers.

Since 2004 Cahaba Media Group’s Construction Business Owner magazine has been the go-to source for owners of construction companies for real-world business management education that can’t be found in other construction publications.  Our editors work closely with respected thought leaders to keep owners and managers up-to-date on all things business management such as: sales, accounting, finance, banking, insurance, regulatory issues, human resources, bidding strategies, equipment management and more.

Cahaba Content Marketing clients will benefit from the industry expertise our editors have accumulated from years of covering the news, product advancements and solutions to common problems that your customers need to grow their business. Relevant topics and in-depth research that can only come from those truly close to the industry for results in compelling and engaging marketing assets that you can use for years to come.

Home Health, HME, Personal Care Agencies, Independent Pharmacies
For nearly four decades Cahaba’s HomeCare magazine has served as the leading publication for valuable knowledge of business information, industry trends, legislative updates and product and service advancements for professionals who provide care in the home, including HME providers, home health and personal care agencies, independent pharmacies and other home care provider industries. 

Our editors and creative teams are immersed daily in the news and information that your customers, from owners and CEOs to nurses and therapists, care the most about. Engaging design, valuable content and industry expertise that result in powerful content optimized for all mediums to help you build your reputation as a thought leader and go-to source for information in your industry.

What We Do

Most content marketing strategies hinge on blog posts. Packed full of relevant and useful information, blogs enhance the relationship between company and customer, making the experience more personal.

We’ll help you develop an integrated strategy to maximize engagement, write and publish your posts — then monitor your metrics and responses to increase your followings.

We can deploy to your lists, and/or provide access to niche audiences in the industrial process, construction and home health industries.

Traditional advertising doesn’t have to be the extent of your marketing efforts. Get creative and let us help you develop a concept for a custom book, magazine or digital product that not only tells your story, but in a way that serves your audience in a remarkable new way.

Whether you want to present real-life success stories or demonstrate thought leadership, our team will help you produce professional documents incorporating copy, original
graphics and/or photography.

Bring your message to life with video. We’ll work with you to develop a script, plan your storyboard and execute the production.

Become a thought leader in your industry. Use Webinars to educate and instruct on technologies and trends. We will help you choose the best topics and assist in developing an educational resource for your industry.

Facebook allows you to boost a post to a specific audience type. You can select a variety of demographics, interests and behaviors as well as set a budget for reaching them. But when you harness the power of the look-alike audience, your reach is based on criteria of the people you know already use or shop for your product or service. Our industry insights and resources can build look-alike audiences like no one else. Result = fantastic engagement and qualified leads.

We’ll develop engaging and relevant e-newsletters — writing/editing original content, or aggregating existing material — then design and deploy the finished products to your targeted audience.

With compelling imagery that communicates valuable information quickly, infographics are ideal for websites, blogs and social media channels.

We also create brochures, annual reports, press releases or ads — even traditionally bound books. We can price your job at an hourly rate or a flat rate.

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Power Partners

Success is built on hard work, and trust. You want good people, proven in their fields of experience, to carry out your missions. Our team brings decades of experience and a rich history of understanding to every project. Defining objectives and building strategies to meet those objectives with your bottom line in mind is what we do best.

We save clients time by providing resources. Knowledgeable, experienced professionals who love what they do. No training required. We’re already familiar with these industries and know how to communicate with them. We fill the gaps of your marketing plan—whatever your gaps happen to be.

Our Work

Cahaba Content Marketing’s suite of content marketing services leverage extensive industry insight and innovative designs to target that unique audience you strive to reach each day. Entice customers to engage with you throughout the sales-customer life cycle to increase brand awareness, credibility, new business interest and customer loyalty without adding to your overhead or work load. Here are some examples from industry leaders who trusted Cahaba Content Marketing to create compelling and useful resources to tell their stories.


  • Whitepapers and case studies are considered the go-to content format for showing off the knowledge a business has of its field.

  • Visual content is the key component of the most effective B2B marketing techniques seen today.

  • 34% of B2B marketers say pre-produced video will be critical to content marketing success in 2017.


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