Social Media

Build a Strong Reputation, Create Your Brand Personality, Start Conversations

Is social media really effective for B2B marketers? Just because you have a job title doesn’t mean you don’t use social media. In fact, people are accustomed to getting news, entertainment and resources through social channels for personal/consumer needs as well as their professional needs. Social media blurs the boundaries of traditional advertising where consumers watch TV and professionals read trade magazine - they aren’t as separate as they used to be. We use the same social channels to access industry information, business news, great articles, infographics and blogs that speak our work language. So YES, social media is a very effective and efficient way to increase brand awareness, connect with highly targeted audiences and quickly communicate important information. Our social media experts can help you develop an integrated strategy to maximize engagement and brand recognition. Once we determine your needs and goals, we’ll help cultivate your brand message (and voice) for each channel.

Social Network Selection
Audience Targeting
Post Writing/Deployment
Custom Posting Strategy
Scheduling Tool Selection & Training
New Page/Account Creation
Pre & Post Trade Show Campaign

One-on-One Customer Engagement
Reaching New Audiences
Collect Customer Feedback
Increased Brand Awareness & Market Share
Strengthen Relationships
Increase Website Visits
Supplemental SEO Tool


  • After an assessment of your social media channels and engagement, planning begins
  • Existing accounts will be updated as needed, and new accounts may be established
  • Metrics for future growth are set
  • A Full Social Media Strategy is a one-year plan developed by our expert team
  • A calendar of specific post topics is created, and typically includes highlights of blogs, links to video, news, product information and currated/shared posts
  • Our team teaches you to use scheduling applications, or we deploy your posts according to the schedule

90% of marketers indicated social media efforts generated more exposure for their business.

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